Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Accounting Software:

TSC Group has reduced overheads and increased working capital with Acumen Data’s CAAPS solution.

The Challenge

South Australia’s Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) was dealing with thousands of paper invoices, requiring manual re-keying of information and lengthy waiting periods to search stored records.

The Solution

A document management service to import and validate data directly from faxed and scanned invoices (and other forms) into Master Piece, the Government’s Financial System.

The Result

The automated system has improved efficiencies in processing, enabling higher quality reports and improved analysis such as the department’s fuel and energy usage. Positive environmental outcomes were achieved through the reduction of print consumables and paper, with scanned images reducing the need for printing.

The system exceeded expectations, meeting targets outlined in South Australia’s Strategic Plan to increase efficiencies, reduce waste and cut the cost to the customer of dealing with government agencies.

“The service makes our department much more productive and the time savings are phenomenal,” says Mark De Ritter, Manager of Accounts, Operations and Taxation at DEWNR. “The software is extremely easy to use, requiring minimal training, and the fact that it also integrates easily into the Master Piece system is a highlight.”

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