CAAPS® gives you everything you need
to take your AP to a new altitude.


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    Elevate efficiency

    Eliminate menial tasks and focus your talent on the issues of most value.

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    Eliminate Emotions

    By the system taking problems to those responsible we cut the chase, aiding staff satisfaction.

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    Immediate Insights

    Real-time visibility of financial commitments to inform timely decision making.

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    Accurate Audits

    With high fidelity reporting, you can get the data you need to work with auditors quickly.

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    Agile Access

    Securely access your AP system from any location, at any time from a range of devices.

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    Share Swiftly

    Collaborate across sites, pull the data you need, when you need it, to keep your business moving.


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    Prevent Irregularities

    A new standard of oversight that flags suspect transactions.

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    Duplicate Protection

    Avoid the cost of duplicate invoices with our automated detection.

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    Process Any Invoice

    CAAPS® reads and processes any invoice: mail, email, fax or hand written.

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    New Metrics

    Real-time data to lead your AP team with confidence.

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    Compare Site Costs

    See itemised spending for each site in one interface so you transfer innovation faster.

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    Modular Dashboard

    Review the metrics that matter to you all in one view.

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    Find Abnormalities

    Reveal abnormal spending with our automated algorithms.

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    Secure Data

    Starting with encryption, our system is built with security as paramount.

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    Constantly Advancing

    CAAPS® is developed on research into 100s of AP teams, ensuring industry best practice.


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    Kickoff Workshop

    We start with a workshop to understand your business and unique requirements.

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    Global Compliance

    CAAPS® is ready for international markets, helping you to comply with local regulations.

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    Customised Solution

    We structure our solution to fit your processes and business systems.

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    Adaptable Tech

    Our cloud hosted solution is ERP and OS agnostic so it works with your existing IT.

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    Change Management

    We project manage the implementation, coordinating C-Suite, Finance and IT.

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    Advanced Math

    Through the use of advanced math and machine learning CAAPS® is constantly adapting to your business.

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CAAPS® – Complete Automated Accounts Payable Solution – is an online system that revolutionises your Accounts Payable. It is more than Accounts Payable software or invoice scanning, rather it’s a new method to process your invoices faster, more securely and with real-time visibility. It allows you to retain control and establish Accounts Payable best practice. CAAPS® has enabled our clients to radically improve the efficiency of their AP teams and given their executives real-time metrics to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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